Additional License

A Digital Certificate by itself can be used to secure a domain name, on a single server only. Each additional server that you plan to host your domain name on, would also need to be similarly secured; and that's where an Additional License is needed. It licenses usage of the same digital certificate across multiple servers.

The advantage of buying Additional Licenses as compared to multiple digital certificates is that, it removes the delay in issuance caused due to generation of a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), completing the Enrollment process and then undergoing the authentication process conducted by thawte. Moreover, Additional Licenses work out to be a much cheaper solution than buying individual digital certificates.

  • Additional License(s) can be bought only at the time of purchasing/renewing the parent Digital Certificate. If however, you have already purchased the parent Digital Certificate without mentioning the number of Additional License(s) required, then you have the following options:

    • If the parent Digital Certificate has been issued in the last 25 days, Deleting the certificate will get you a full refund and then you may purchase another, while mentioning the number of Additional License(s) required. See details

    • If the parent Digital Certificate is over 30 days old, then you have the following two options:

      • At the time of Renewal of the parent Digital Certificate, you specify the required number of Additional License(s)


      • You can Delete the parent Digital Certificate order and purchase another, while mentioning the correct number of Additional License(s) required.

  • You cannot specify the duration of an Additional License while purchasing the same. The duration of an Additional License will depend upon the duration of its parent Digital Certificate.For example, if you are purchasing a Digital Certificate for one year, then an Additional License for such a Digital Certificate will be a one year License. Likewise, it will be a two year Additional License if the duration of the Digital Certificate is two years.

  • Additional License(s) can only be used for servers which have the same software installed on them and the same associated common name.

    Additional Information
  • Once purchased, an Additional License cannot be deleted. However, deletion of the parent Digital Certificate would render the Additional License(s) invalid.

  • You need to simply retrieve the parent Digital Certificate and install the same on multiple servers. The number of servers (excluding the primary server) on which the Digital Certificate can secure your domain name will be equal to the total number of Additional Licenses you have purchased for this Digital Certificate. See details See details

  • To renew Additional License(s), you need to simply renew the parent Digital Certificate, while specifying the number of Additional License(s) needed. This is because an Additional License is, in fact, just a license to use the parent Digital Certificate across multiple servers. See details